Thanks and watch the great hearings in the House and Senate on the Antibiotics Bill

We had two great hearings in both the House and the Senate on the antibiotics bills. (SB 471 and HB 652).

Thanks to the mighty group of witnesses who came to Annapolis to testify. Alex Smith, Edina Avdic, Rob Sprinkle, Michael Berger, Mae Wu, Emily Scarr, and Emily Ranson. 

2019 ABX Panel Maryland photo

Especial thanks to Rob, Alex, Mae, Emily S. and Emily R. for sticking around until 10:30 PM to testify in the Senate!

Senate hearing ABX Maryland 2019

And of course, huge thanks to the sponsors – Sen. Pinsky and Del. Love – for leading our panels!

The Senate hearing video is here (begins at the 7:30 mark) and the House hearing video is here (begins at the 1:19 mark). Enjoy!!


Senate and House Scheduled to Hear Testimony on Antibiotics bill

Hearings on SB 471 and HB 652 will begin at 1 PM on Wednesday, February 27.


In the Senate, the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee will hear SB 471. And in the House, the Environment and Transportation Committee will hear HB 652. Check the Maryland General Assembly website for the order of the hearings and watch it live!

You can watch them live here.