Superbugs take to the skies

Photo credit: Woman’s Day

Scary news coming from researchers looking at the nightmare bacteria that are resistant to our last resort drugs. This article talks about recent research that found people sick with a bacteria resistant to antibiotics that aren’t used in people.

We have known that people who live closer to hog farms and to land where hog waste is applied are at higher risk for skin and soft tissue infections. But it appears that sometimes, in the summer, the risks may be just as high for people who do not live near the farms.

The article suggests that it’s because summer flies will take the superbugs off the farms much farther than it would normally travel. Migratory birds might be another problem too.

So, just because you don’t live next to a farm doesn’t mean you are immune for these superbugs. It could be on the meat you buy at the grocery store – or it could be on the fly that landed on your apple pie.

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