Two Fun Days

L-R: Mae Wu (NRDC), Dr. Pat McLaine (Maryland Nurses Association), Sen. Pinsky, Sen. Nathan-Pulliam, Dale Jafari (Nurse Practitioners Association of Maryland), Ricarra Jones (1199 SEIU)

What a great two days of hearings on the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act!

The sponsors – Sen. Pinsky, Sen. Nathan-Pulliam, and Del. Robinson – led the charge.

Great testimony from an amazing list of witnesses. Thanks to everyone for spending all their time to talk to the committee about the importance of the bill.

The Senate hearing can be found here (starts at the 30 minute mark).

L-R: Dr. Rob Sprinkle (University of Maryland School of Public Policy), Eric Gally (Maryland Academy of Family Physicians), Rebecca Rehr (Maryland Environmental Health Network), Joan Plisko (Pearlstone Center)

Update! The House hearing is online now here. The testimony starts at the 3:13 mark. But if you have some extra time, rewind it to the 2:50 mark to see a group of adorable 4th graders testifying on endangered species.

If you have photos from the hearing – send them along and we’ll post them.

Thanks again to all the witnesses!

L-R: Alex Smith (Purple Sol Farm), Emily Scarr (Maryland PIRG), Josh Tulkin (Sierra Club), Troi Rivera (Clean Water Action), Katlyn Clark (Fair Farms Maryland), Liz Wiley (MedChi)


L-R: Delegate Robinson, Dr. Pat McLaine, Dr. Amol Purandare, Michael Berger, Mae Wu
L-R: Dr. Roseann Velez, Rebecca Rehr
L-R: Emily Scarr, Alex Smith, Dr. Daniel Morgan, Brett Grosghal
Katlyn Clark


  • Dr. Pat McLaine (Maryland Nurses Association)
  • Dale Jafari (Nurse Practitioners Association of Maryland)
  • Ricarro Jones (1199 SEIU)
  • Mae Wu (NRDC)
  • Rebecca Rehr (Maryland Environmental Health Network)
  • Joan Plisko (Pearlstone Center)
  • Dr. Rob Sprinkle (University of Maryland School of Public Policy)
  • Eric Gally (Maryland Academy of Family Physicians)
  • Alex Smith (Purple Sol Farm)
  • Katlyn Clark (Fair Farms Maryland)
  • Troi Rivera (Clean Water Action)
  • Josh Tulkin (Sierra Club Maryland)
  • Emily Scarr (Maryland PIRG)
  • Dr. Liz Wiley (MedChi)
  • Dr. Amol Purandare (Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist)
  • Dr. Roseann Velez (Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland)
  • Michael Berger (Elevation Burger)
  • Brett Grosghal (Even’ Star Organic Farm)
  • Dr. Daniel Morgan (University of Maryland School of Medicine)

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