House Bill Introduced; Senate Hearing Date Set

Delegates Shane Robinson (as sponsor) and Clarence Lam (as co-lead sponsor) introduced HB 829 – the crossfile to the Senate bill SB 607. The text of the House bill is not up yet, but it will be identical to SB 607.

The Senate set the date for the hearing on SB 607: March 1, 2016 at 1pm.


Pinsky and Nathan-Pulliam Bill Introduced

Today, Senators Paul Pinsky and Shirley Nathan-Pulliam introduced their antibiotics bill. We’re hoping to see Delegates Shane Robinson and Clarence Lam’s ┬ábill introduced soon.

Will report back as soon as we have a bill number and can link to the text.

Update: The bill number is SB 607.

Update 2: The text of the bill to ban non therapeutic use of antibiotics on food-producing animals is now available here.

In the meantime, here is a blogpost from Mae Wu at NRDC about the bill and some great polling on Marylanders’ opinion on the issue.