Meeting with Chairman Barve

Today, Delegate Kumar Barve, Chairman of the House Environment and Transportation Committee convened a meeting of Maryland environmental organizations to discuss his priorities for the upcoming legislative session. The great news is that antibiotics in food producing animals is one of his big priorities.

To that end, Chairman Barve has put together a work group to study this issue over the summer recess. Delegate Clarence Lam (who is also a preventative medicine physician) will chair the work group. Delegate Shane Robinson (sponsor of last year’s antibiotics bill in the House) and Delegate Anthony O’Donnell round out the work group.

Chairman Barve is very keen on grounding everything in science. Good thing the science is so strong on this issue.


A few participants in the Campaign even got a picture with Chairman Barve

We are looking forward to working with Delegate Lam and the rest of the work group as well as Chairman Barve on finding a solution to our antibiotics crisis.

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